PhotoKeeper – cloud photo backup for serious photographers

We finally launched our next big product at Uconomix – PhotoKeeper. It is a cloud based photo backup and management service aimed at professional and serious hobbyist photographers.


There are dozens of cloud backup services out there, what sets PhotoKeeper apart from them is its focus on photos. Other general purpose backup services do not understand photos and they are meant for casual smartphone photographers. PhotoKeeper understands photos, it understands RAW files and it reads EXIF data and lets you search based on that data. In terms of photo organization what Lightroom does on the desktop, PhotoKeeper does in the cloud.

Here’s an introductory video of PhotoKeeper

PhotoKeeper has advanced search capabilities. You want to see all your photos taken with your Canon 5D Mk III and 70-200mm lens at ISO 100 and the aperture of f/2.8 where flash did not fire and which you have rated 3 stars and above? You can do that with PhotoKeeper!

Another unique feature of PhotoKeeper is private albums. Professional photographers will find it really useful. They can create private albums and share with their clients who can comment and annotate on the photos and provide feedback. It eliminates the need of sending photos through email or pen drives and facilitates better communication.

Check out PhotoKeeper at

PhotoKeeper – cloud photo backup for serious photographers
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