– crop and resize images online

We launched a new web app It’s a tool to resize and crop images online. JavaScript on the front end and .Net at the back to do the work on actual image. Took us a while to actually code and launch it. Resizing and cropping images seems very simple, but when you actually sit down to write the code for it, you realise there are so many intricacies. We also added ability to flip and rotate images, combine that with cropping and all the various resizing options – and doing them on both the client and server side – well it was time consuming. But finally it has been launched.

After 8 years, Uconomix has finally found its niche. That is managing and editing digital images. uMark sales are picking up and we are profitable on that front after I closed my services business. is our third web app around online image manipulation after and The reason for launching such simple but useful web apps is that it brings in traffic. All these sites do just one thing – which is nothing complicated and because of the generic names brings in lot of organic search traffic and gives us an audience to show the banners of our paid app – uMark.

Few more apps are in the pipeline. One is Pictuck which is a Windows based app very similar to Instagram – apply preset effect to a photo and share it online – but for a desktop and then a meme generator.

The biggest app is going to be the one which will be a fusion of Picasa + Lightroom + Dropbox. An all in one solution to manage, process and backup photos. That is going to be the future of my company. – crop and resize images online
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