by Yash

We are starting a new venture – digility.com. A software portal for all types of mobile devices and PDAs. We will be selling third part software, games and other digital content for mobile devices on this site. We plan to make it a one stop shop for software for any type of mobile device. It will have software for Windows Mobile, Palm, BlackBerry, Symbian, Linux and Java based mobile phones and PDAs.

Digility the name is a combination of the words, Digital-Mobility. We have just started the development. It will take bout three months to develop the site, get the payment processing in place and test it out. Then we will be filling the database with applications. We will be contacting hundreds and thousands developers who develop software for mobile devices and already sell on other such web sites like Handango, PocketGear, PalmGear etc.

Its going to be a mega project from our perspective and we will be committing most of our resources to this project in the coming times.

The mobile software market is dominated by two heavyweight – Handango and Motricity. We believe there’s a place for a third player as well and we can give a cheaper option to the developers to list their applications and an additional distribution channel. For users, we can provide a better service then the competitors and freedom from some rediculous charges levied by others like “Download Protection Service” charge.

A lot of work needs to be done. We are building a database of developers and devices. We gotta find the best option to process the credit card payments and we also have to finalize the cost and royalty structure. We plan to give 75% royalty to developers, keeping 25% of the gross sales for us. This is far better than 40 to 60 percent commission charged by the market leaders!

I am excited!