2pl.us – a URL shortening service with password protection

Just launched 2pl.us – a URL shortening service.

Why one more URL shortener?

Agree URL shorteners are dime a dozen. But we felt there was a need for one more. And 2plus has some unique benefits to offer.

Since its the latest one, there are one and two letter aliases available for grabs while most of the well established sites now generate aliases with 4 or more letters. At the moment 2plus generates the shortest URLs.

2plus also allows custom aliases, so if your favorite alias is not available on other sites, you can pick one here.

Then it has the unique ability to protect the shortened URLs with a password. You can share your private URLs only with a select few without worrying that someone may view it by simply typing a random string after http://2pl.us/.

Apart from this we some more exciting features coming up in the next few days. Below is a non-exhaustive list

Statistics – we are already tracking the hits on the URLs and are in the process of building a nice report of it.
Developer API – to integrate 2pl.us’s URL shortening abilities in applications.
Widgets for websites and blogs so that your users can quickly shortens URLs before posting them on the site.
Bookmarklets for browsers to shorten URLs instantly.

Do check out http://2pl.us