Why should Microsoft be forced to advertise its rival’s products?

by Yash 2 Comments

Read this entry on Digital Inspiration – Microsoft will show a screento its users in EU to chose a different browser than IE!

WTF! Why in the world should a company be forced to advertise its competitors’s products on its own product? And that too in a hard core capitalist economy! Rival browser makers are crying over Microsoft’s “bundling” of a browser with OS! Right, now

Adobe should sue Microsoft for bundling MS paint
Makers of Edit Plus should sue them for bundling Notepad
Swiss watch makers should sue Microsoft for bundling a clock in the task bar
Keyboard maker Logitech should sue for including an onscreen keyboard with Windows

Going by the logic put forth by Mozilla, Opera and gang, Digital camera makers must sue Microsoft for including print screen option. After all if people take a snap of their screen using a simple command, they wont need a digital camera to actually take a photo of the screen and its hurting their business!