Nokia E72 is NOT for business

by Yash 3 Comments

I am hugely disappointed with my Nokia E72. This device is anything but a business phone as Nokia claims. The worst piece of software on the phone? – Email!! The WiFi connectivity sucks! The stupid phone keeps asking me to choose an access point every five minutes! Can’t you remember my preferred Access point damn it!!!??

Camera – sucks! Nokia N72’s 3 MP camera is far better than 5 MP camera on this dud! Off late Nokia has been providing a teeny-weeny USB cable to connect your phones with computer. Which has no practical purpose at all! The cable is hardly 3 inches in length? How the hell in the world can I use it to connect my phone to a CPU kept under the desk or even above the desk?

The phone hangs once in a week for no apparent reason, at one instance I had to remove the battery to reboot the phone cause it wont respond to reset button either! Another strange problem is the space key on the keyboard stops working after a few days, then I have no option but to reboot the phone.

Biggest gripe I am having is inability to place as many shortcuts as I want on the home screen. I sorely miss that from my Windows Mobile, where I could do so by using a third party software. The home screen only allows for 6 application shortcuts, and I can’t even customize some of the hardware key functions. If I have to start a calculator it involves exactly 7 key presses! Too much for a guy like me who is used to touch screen phones and launching apps with a single touch or press of a button.

The right hand soft key is assigned to Back as well as camera. I have got a text message, I have to hit the button thrice to get back to the home screen and many a times, I am faster than the UI, I press the right button one too many and it starts the camera! – Getting out of camera is another two clicks!!

This is a very premature phone from Nokia. They have not given any thought to the usability aspect. Usability, connectivity and operability – Nokia sucks on all counts. Even in the age of Smart Phones Nokia is still sticking with the UI and menu structure of dumb phones.

Nokia needs to think out of the box and come up with new features that best utilize the capabilities of the hardware. One instance – It has the speed dial option like any other phone. But it only allows configuring only 9 numbers for speed dial! That could have made sense on a phone which only has numeric keypad, but this phone has a QWERTY keypad, you can allow up to 26 speed dials! That would be so awesome.

I regret buying this phone! :(