GMail for domain

by Yash 0 Comments

I am trying out a new Google service these days – GMail for domain. Google hosted email for your own domain. I have moved the domain’s mails to Google for testing purpose. It looks cool. It comes with all the GMail goodies – excellent web interface, free POP3, built in chat and much more. Above all it’s free! :) It is free up to 25 users for any domain. I don’t know what will be the charges if I exceed that limit.

Presently I am using Rediffmail Pro for domain but I am not satisfied with the service. Many a times mails are lost and the web interface is really bad! Rediff should learn something from guys at Google. Rediffmail’s free accounts have a very good ajax based web interface but paid users have to do away with the age old UI. If Google Mail performs good then Rediff’s gonna loose one customer! Oh and I forgot to mention there’s a two GB storage per user as against 200 MB in Rediffmail Pro!

There’s one catch though with this service. It’s an ad supported service. I haven’t seen any ads in the emails sent using their SMTP server from my outlook. Typical AdWords text ads do appear in the web interface. Probably they might come out with an option of paid but ad free service in the future.

If you want GMail for your domain visit –