Why don’t you say anything about anti-Sikh riots?

by Yash 0 Comments

Whenever I post anything against Modi, someone will invariably remind me about the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. Why don’t you say anything about that? OK so let me make this very clear. 1984 anti Sikh riots pogrom, like the 2002 anti-Muslim one was an equally heinous crime against humanity. It was Congress party’s leaders who were responsible for enticing the mobs to murder Sikhs. It was a shameful event in the history of India and will remain so forever. Congress party will never be able to wash away the blemish. And with each passing day that the affected people don’t get justice and people like Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar are not punished – we, the people of India will continue to be a party to the crime. And the delay in justice will give an easy excuse to anyone to carry out more 2002s.

Rajiv Gandhi, made a statement – “when a big tree falls, the ground shakes” – as if massacring thousands of innocent Sikhs is justified because his mother Indira Gandhi was killed by a few Sikh bodyguards. For making such an egregious statement, Rajiv Gandhi too should have been tried in the court. Alas, he has been dead for more than 20 years now, so not much can be done against him but that does not mean we should keep silent when we see others making equally callous statements!

I am not against a party, I am against individuals. I have voted more times for BJP and it’s allies than I have voted for Congress. The reason why we talk more about 2002 these days than we talk about 1984 is because none of the people accused for 84 are being projected as future Prime Ministers of India. The person accused for 2002 is! Yeah yeah Rajiv Gandhi was made PM, but let me remind you again, he is dead now! If Congress was projecting Sajjan Kumar as PM (or even Rajiv Gandhi had he been alive) you would have found me voicing my opinion against him and then Congress people would have asked me hey why don’t you speak about 2002!

You can not shut my mouth about 2002 by bringing up the issue of 1984. No you just can not! If you say the person accused for allowing mobs to murder innocent humans is the best candidate for leading this country, then sorry – I don’t agree, as a matter of principle – no matter what party is the person from.