India needs Congress

by Yash 0 Comments

Elections over, Modi won and how! Congress is reduced to its lowest tally of seats in history. And that’s a sad news. Although I am an AAP supporter, I think India needs Congress.

The dangers of a one party state are real and for everyone to see in the form of China. Modi’s idea of Congressmukt Bharat is frightening. As of now apart from Indian National Congress there is no other national political party that can balance out the force of BJP. Every other political party be it regional or National stands for something, Congress doesn’t stand for anything! Which makes them unique. It is nobody’s party and hence it is everybody’s party. Everyone can relate to it. And it can take up any issue and make its own. AAP is another party that has in its character to be everyone’s party but it will take a long time for them to mature and matter at national level. In the meanwhile we need Congress.

We also need BJP to keep Congress in check. Being a Congress only state for a good part of history hasn’t been good either. What I am trying to say is we need two major political parties at the national level. In the long run I would love to see AAP replace either of the two. Chances are it will replace Congress because BJP has its core fan base which will not be swayed by another party.

The time has not yet come for a Congressmukt Bharat.