Gandhi and 26/11? WTF!

by Yash 0 Comments

Manas Kumar Sahu – the sand painting artist – and his team performed on India’s Got Talent. They started with a scene of 26/11, drew the Mumbai skyline, Tajmahal Hotel, Gateway of India, then drew a terrorist and finally ended with a portrait of Gandhi. Everybody gave them a standing ovation. Fair enough. But what message were they trying to convey? That we should reply to terrorism in Gandhi’s way? What’s the bloody connection of Gandhi with 26/11? Gandhian philosophy of non violence was good 50 years back against the British government. They were civilized people with a base and a civil society. The terrorists have no base, no society. Nothing that will make them introspect. They just understand one language – language of bullets! And they deserve just that! Stop bringing Gandhi as a solution to every fucking problem! Let him be on the currency notes only!