Election 2009 results – my views

Well I had voted for BJP and I am disappointed that the candidate I had voted for lost, but I am happy that Left will not be a part of the government this time and that we will have a stable government for next 5 years.

The primary reason I voted for BJP was that I didn’t want a government with the support of Left parties. If Congress had not got the majority on its own then they would have had to take left’s support. The commies would have dragged country further back! I am glad that the commies have been handed a crushing defeat and Congress is in the position to form the government without their support.

Its also a big slap on the faces of opportunists like Lalu, Mulayam, Jayalalitha, Mayawati and Nitish. Good now the country won’t have to deal with blackmailers like Karat and Mulayam!

Mr Advani, now its time for you to retire.

Mr Manmohan, now that you have been given license to kill, go for it. Take the country ahead. Left won’t be there to pull you back!

At the end of the day democracy wins!

Jai Ho!

Election 2009 results – my views
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