Communism is for lazy

by Yash 0 Comments

I believe communism and all its flavours are against the human nature. We humans by nature are selfish. Its in our genes. That’s why we survive. Communism goes against this very genetic trait. Its unnatural. So its bound to fail.

Communist ideals may look rosy and may work in a society where there is a huge divide between the elite class and the poor. The ideals of equality and classless society will appeal to poor downtrodden class. But it won’t last long. After the initial rush of blood and revolution and all, the tempo will come down. People will tend to find the best return for their labour. If someone is better skilled, better educated and is better at doing something he would definitely want and deserve a larger share of return than those who are not as efficient.

So its not possible to have a completely classless society. There will always be differences. Not even five fingers are same. There will be people with varying degrees of skills and abilities and they will earn in proportion to their abilities. There will be morons and there will be intelligent people. And intelligent people will prevail in the long run. And people would want to retain what they have rightfully earned.

Nobody will give their best if they are not going to get in proportion of their efforts. If on a communist farm, every labourer is going to get the same share regardless of the work done, why would any single individual work hard or care for crops? If an Engineer is going to earn as much as a farm labourer, why should he take the extra pain of studying for all those years to be an engineer?

Communism is a false ideology. It sounds attractive to lazy dumb ass people who feel they are entitled to the same share of riches as the more intelligent, skilled and hard working people do.