All hail authoritarianism

Authoritarians, no matter how they come to power – by a coup or elections, will do what authoritarians do – subvert freedom and human rights, promote a personality cult, encourage crony capitalism and doing long term harm to the nation. Removing them is also not easy. They destroy the systems put in place to check their power – judiciary, independent media. They use the brute force of the state to silence any criticism. It takes long period of struggle often decades to get rid of them.

In the coming days however, getting rid of authoritarian leaders will become almost impossible. The newfound tools of social media and the ability of spreading mass propaganda coupled with never-before-seen capabilities of surveillance will ensure that the majority of the people don’t even feel the need to protest and those who do are identified and dealt with swiftly.

Social media might be instrumental in organising many of the mass protests in recent past, but those capitalist platforms will eventually side with or give in to the governmental pressure and make it almost impossible to use them for anything but state propaganda.

But hey, if majority of the people are happy with the authoritarians, does it even matter if they take away the rights and lives of a few people?

The cutest thing about people who support authoritarians is that they think that the authoritarian leader will always be on their side.

First they came for…

All hail authoritarianism
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