Photo a day project in 2015

I am going to take at least one photo a day, every day throughout 2015. It is not actually a resolution. It just started impromptu on the night of 1st January. I was watching some photography related videos and playing with my camera and took some close up snaps of Yaashi’s toys. Technically the pic was taken at 2 January post midnight but I’ll consider the pic for January first. Next morning the idea just occurred to me, let’s try and take one photo a day. So I started clicking.

When people start such a project they typically follow a theme. I did not have a theme as such but today after taking 3 pics the theme suddenly appeared. Close up photos. I had planned to take photos of stuff in my home and office because I don’t travel much on a daily basis, and I really like taking close up photos. Some of the best photos I have taken are close up shots. Inadvertently the first two pics I posted were close ups, so close ups is going to be the theme of this photo project.

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Photo a day project in 2015
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