Where is “she”?

Yaashi has started playschool from this Monday. On Saturday we had a parents induction meeting at the school. They gave a nice presentation covering wide range of things but one thing stood out. In the presentation and conversation whenever a child was referred, it was referred as “he”. He will learn this, you should not say this to him, he will observe… and both me and Bijal were wondering where is “she”?

Now that the classes have started, out of 14 kids in the class 10 are girls. In the nursery out of 27 kids 14 are girls. If we stop killing our girls we’ll have a feminine population as we see in most of the developed countries. And yet we continue to assume the person in question will be a male.

I have seen similar thing happening when writing software requirements or documentation. The user is assumed to be a male. And when he clicks the button a new window will open where he can select blah blah…

We need a gender neutral pronoun to address people in the English language. I have seen Facebook using they and them when a gender is not known. They liked it instead of he liked it sounds better.

Any ideas?

Where is “she”?
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