Quitting social media and learning Spanish

26 days ago, I deleted social media apps from my phone. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I kept Instagram and WhatsApp but I left all the groups on WhatsApp. Not that I was in many groups to begin with. But I still left whatever groups that I was in except parents’ group for my daughter’s school. That group is limited strictly to school and homework related stuff.

I also started learning Spanish on DuoLingo 26 days ago. The same day I deleted the social media accounts, I downloaded the DuoLingo app.

I came across a book called Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now ironically on Twitter. I had witnessed social media was becoming toxic. I was an avid social media user. I would post multiple times a day on Facebook. I was outspoken in my political beliefs. I would unfollow people whose ideas I did not agree with. I found myself surrounded by like minded people. I was trapped in a bubble. I was hostile towards anyone having a differing point of view. It even affected some of my real-world relationships.

I was contemplating quitting social media. I had reduced my social media sharing a lot and I had become more of a consumer than creator of opinions on social media. Then I watched a TED talk called Quit social media by Dr. Cal Newport.

And I deleted all the social media apps. I did not delete the accounts outright. I would check them on desktop browser occasionally. It was tough initially for a couple of days. The urge to pick up your phone and see what’s new every few minutes is really strong. But it only lasted for a couple of days. The urge to visit Facebook even on browser reduced. And now I visit it may be once or twice a week. That too will reduce soon until the day I finally delete my account.

It’s been good so far.

Adios. Hasta luego.

Quitting social media and learning Spanish
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