My little library

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Here’s my little collection of books. This pic is taken with my new Sony Ericsson K750i 2MP camera! :D This pic was taken at night with the help of the add-on Flash!

I have always liked reading. I don’t sit for lunch, dinner without something to read. Nirav Mehta of Magnet got me interested into business books with the autobiography of legendary GE CEO Jack Welch. Since then autobiographies and biographies of businessmen has become my prime interest.

My collection includes –

  • Jack straight from the gut by Jack Welch of GE
  • Loosing My Virginity by Richard Branson of Virgin group
  • Made in America by Sam Walton of Walmart
  • Direct from Dell by Michael Dell of Dell Computers
  • Who says Elephants Can’s Dance? by Louis Gerstner of IBM


  • Dare to Dream – a biography of Rai Bahadur Mohansingh Oberoi – Founder of the esteemed Oberoi group of hotels

Then some others like

  • Business at the speed of thought by Bill Gates
  • Seven Habits….oh what a boring book!!! I haven’t read it fully..such kind of books just don’t interest me.
  • The Google Story – marvelous! Fantastic book! A great look into the amazing world of Google.
  • One minute manager – good short book. Gifted to me by my ex boss Nirav Mehta.