I still use Winamp and will continue to do so


Winamp is shutting down. It was a great music player once. It still is. But people have moved on, now the music is consumed on smart phones and instead of downloading MP3 files people prefer to stream it thorugh Pandora and Spotify. But I still use Winamp on my laptop – the lite version. Winamp is the best program for the way I like to listen to my music. I don’t get many MP3 these days. I mostly listen to Bollywood stuff and occasionally some International chart buster. I get the MP3 only if I really like an album or songs and would prefer to listen to it even when I do not have Internet access. I mostly organise my MP3 files in folders. I do not listen to songs based on genre or artist. I listen to an entire album and I like to listen in my preferred order and the order keeps changing. I might be listening to all Rockstar songs and I want to start with Sadda Haq followed by other sad songs or on some other day I want to listen all the peppy songs first from Rockstar.

Winamp in its lite version is a very simple music player, I can just double click on a file in Windows Explorer and it will start playing then I can add more songs by right clicking and adding them to the play queue. No time wasting in creating a playlist or anything. I never save playlists because my order of listening music is never same. I also like the ability to reorder songs with dragging and dropping.

I do not like the way how some players only let you sort songs by track number or alphabetically. That’s why I do not like any of the mobile music players. All of them try to be smart and classify songs by genre or artist or album. Boss I know what I want to listen and where the songs is, just let me select a few songs quickly and let me listen to them in the order I want. I really liked the original music player on Android before Google tried to make it smart! It used to let me play songs from a particular folder and order songs by dragging up/down. After Google screwed it up, I had to find another player and found MortPlayer for Android. And I never listen to music on my iPad because the music player just sucks (for my taste)!

As far as I am concerned Winamp continues to whip the Llama’s ass!

I still use Winamp and will continue to do so
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