Do you think those who do not follow your religion will go to hell?

If you believe in god and if you are a Christian, then do you think those who do not accept Jesus as their saviour i.e. the people who follow other religions like Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism will got to hell?

Every religion claims that it is the “ONLY” way to get a ticket to the heaven. 1.3 billion Muslims believe Islam is the only way you can get there. 2 billion Christians and 900 million Hindus think the same. Natives in the hinterland of Africa who follow their own obscure religions believe the same.

Who is correct?

Which is the right path?

There are three possibilities

1. All of them are correct: If all of them are correct paths to the god then why each of them “claim” that it is the only “authorised” path? That is Bible says only pray to the Jesus or else get ready to go to the hell. Quaran says Islam is the only correct path and Mohammad is the only saviour – follow him or face the wrath of god on the judgement day. Same story in all the religions. How can all of them be true and claim others to be false at the same time? Get the paradox?

2. Only one is correct: Which one? Christianity? Islam? Hinduism? Buddhism? How do we decide? By the number of followers? Then Christianity is definitely the winner. Hey all ya Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Jews stop wasting your time praying. You are in minority so you are going to hell! Ha ha! If any one of them is true then what all the other books are teaching is pure bullshit. It’s logical isn’t it? It may be Quaran, Bible or Geeta? Which one?

3. All of them are false: The logical conclusion. If all can’t be true because that would create a paradox, and we can’t decide which one can be true because that would make all other religions false then it could only mean that all are false.

Think about it. If you can think of any other option let me know.

Think of one of your friends who is not of the same religion as you. Think you will get to see him/her in heaven?

This is a question for all you god-believers!