Dhoom:2 : Amazing action but no story!

by Yash 0 Comments

That sums it up! Just watched it yesterday. It’s a good movie. Action sequences are amazing. “Mr A” Hrithik Roshan can surely give Mr Bond a run for his money in the stunts department (And he makes his own gadgets! :P ). But apart from that the movie has nothing to show. I am sad that Abhishek’s talent has been wasted. Uday Chopra has been given too much screen share than he deserves. Bipasha looks hot and sexy in those bikinis on the beaches of Brazil but is just a showpiece! Aish and Hrithik really rock and set the screen on fire!

Probably everybody knows the story – although there isn’t any – but here are the synopsis anyway:

Hrithik is “Mr A”, an international thief – a master of disguise and a tech savvy geek. He steals priceless artifacts, dances at the clubs with babes, changes his face quite so often and never trusts anybody….until he meets Ash, another wanna be thief but actually a mole sent by ACP Jai Dixit (AB’s baby). Somehow Bips and Uday Chopra manage to get some camera time doing useless acts and uttering dumb lines and of course running on the beaches Baywatch style!

The action and chase sequences are really amazing and that’s where the producers have poured all the money and efforts. The movie is enjoyable and there is no harm in watching it once. But it could have been a great movie only if it had a good script. It really makes no sense in an Indian cop chasing international thief in Brazil with a dumb sidekick and ultimately catching him in Fiji!

Do watch it once – just for the actions!

Dhoom machale….!!!