Tees Maar Khan – Stay AWAY from it!

by Yash 0 Comments

For once I agree with Raja Sen. My opinion of a movie is often against his. I usually enjoy the movie he gives poor ratings to and the movies he likes, I find boring. But for TMK, I think we are on the same page. Tees Maar Khan is a monstrosity! They should have just played Sheela Ki Jawani in loop for two hours and that would have been more entertaining. You get to know the entire plot of the movie in first 10 minutes and you know what’s going to happen next!

Akshay Kumar is so freaking loud! And his sidekicks are even louder!! Farah Khan has messed up big time this time. Shah Rukh Khan should actually thank Farah for not casting him in this dud! This is a sort of movie only Akshay Kumar can fit in. There are no positives about the movie. It has some funny moments and classic Farah homage to old movies but we have seen that all in Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om. I was expecting something better from Farah this time. This is a David Dhawan type comedy where the laughter is forced by introducing funny dialogs rather than funny situations! But again David and Govinda do a better job at that than what Farah and Akshay have managed to! Kadar Khan would write better dialogs than “*Beep* ki Lutti Izzat…”

Where is Katrina Kaif by the way? Apart from Sheela ki Jawani she is no where to be found! Aman Varma and Murli Sharma as gay CBI agents have better and longer roles than Kat! Akshay Khanna does his best at acting stupid and succeeds! And songs? Boy Farah’s movies always had chart buster songs. That’s completely missing! The only notable song is Sheela ki Jawani the rest are painful to sit through!

I wouldn’t blame Farah for the debacle. I’d blame Shirish Kunder! That guy’s everywhere. He has written the story, lyrics, dialogs. He’s the editor, he has given background score and also music for Sheela Ki Jawani. The best part of the movie was the after movie credits section where the entire team collects their “Oscar”. And Shirish appears after every two awards! You finally know the movie has come to an end!