Khatta Meetha is very khatta – not recommended

by Yash 0 Comments

There is less of Meetha and mostly Khatta with Khatta Meetha. I am disappointed with the movie. Priyadarshan has lost it this time. He couldn’t decide whether he’s making a comedy or a realistic movie. The movie is marketed as a funny one and that’s what I was expecting. Light entertainment. The movie turned out to be realistic. And brutal. Its going smooth till the Interval but then it just becomes too heavy. It’s a sad movie. Akshay Kumar plays a common man literally and there is absolutely no heroism! The movie talks about corruption and crime and all and you just wait for something to happen. The way the movie is marketed, you’d expect the hero would pull some trick out of his hat. But nothing of that sort happens and you return empty handed.

When was the last time we saw hero’s sister getting raped by the villain? Yes it is there in this movie. And at least you’d still expect the hero would in the end beat the crap out of the bad guys. But that does not happen. Priyan showed a common man who is just helpless against all the forces. That’s NOT what I was expecting from the movie!

I’d give it 1 Star out of 5.