Server is hung

by Yash 2 Comments

“Server is hung”, informs Rohit. “Hung”? ins’t it supposed to be “hang”? asks Vijay. “Its past contonous tense” tells Rohit. “Past continous?, I think that is present continous.” Param jumps in the conversation. “I think that is present perfect” I give my opinion. By now everyone is interested in knowing what tense is that. So I grabbed a marker and white board and start writing the twelve tenses.

I eat – Present
I ate – Past
I will eat – Future

I am eating – Present
I was eating – Past
I will be eating – Future

I have eaten – Present
I had eaten – Past
I would have eaten – Future

Perfect Continous
I have being eating – Present
I had been eating – Past
I would have been eating – Future

Hung is past participle (3pp) form of verb Hang. And 3pp is used in perfect tense. So the conclusion is “Server is hung” is present perfect tense!

Cool! So we have the answer.

And Rohit reminds “Dude, BUT the server is still down!” Ouch! :P Nobody remembered to reboot the server!