What to do in case you get an error while paying TDS online thorough HDFC Bank?

I was paying TDS today through HDFC bank. Have been paying it for many years without any problem. Today I faced a problem. After I filled up all details on NSDL’s site I was redirected to my HDFC net banking and I filled up the amount there and paid and on the last stage where I can see the challan complete with challan serial number and code I got an error. ON the other hand I got an SMS confirming the tax amount so money had been deducted but the challan could not be generated. Now what to do?

First I logged into HDFC net banking and checked the statement. Sure enough the amount was debited and an entry in the format of 0510308060413#####- CBDT Tax was showing. So the tax was paid but I did not have the challan. The challan is important because when I file the eTDS return I need to put the challan serial number along with the BSR code and everything else. I could get BSR code from other challans I had because I always use HDFC for paying tax and the BSR code is the same. I needed challan number.

So I searched online for a solution and I found this page where you can view all your TDS challans by entering your TAN or a specific challan details by entering the CIN (Challan identification number) I entered my TAN and searched but the tax was just paid and so it didn’t show up in the search. Because obviously it will show up in NSDL’s database only when the bank submits it. I could wait a few days and then check again.

Then I thought may be the entry in my bank statement can give me some info. So I looked at my older challans and their corresponding entries in the statement and I found my challan number! My last month’s challan entry had the format 0510308040313#####. This is made up of three parts 0510308, 040313 and #####. The first number 0510308 is the BSR code of the collecting branch for HDFC bank and all tax paid online will have this BSR code. Next six digits are the date in DDMMYY format and the last five digits is the challan serial number or the CIN. So I looked at today’s entry 0510308060413##### and found my challan serial number.

Based on this serial number I will check on Monday again at NSDL’s challan status page to see if my challan has been submitted.

What to do in case you get an error while paying TDS online thorough HDFC Bank?
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