Web2Watch – Keeping an eye on web 2.0 startups

by Yash 0 Comments

w2wlogo.gifI have launched a new blog – web2watch.com. This is a blog where I will write about new interesting web 2.0 sites/businesses that I come across. Internet is my passion and I LOVE to spend time surfing the web, discovering new interesting sites and seeing at what amazing ideas creative people come up with.

There’s a site that lets you create free audio forum for your website, there one that gives away one software title a day for free, there’s another that lets you create online surveys for free, a remote backup service and more. I will review all of these here. Everyday I plan to spare at least 15 minutes to review at least on site. There are hundreds of web 2.0 sites cropping up everyday, some will be crap, some will be killer apps. Some are launched by a teenager from his dorm room or his father’s garage and some are founded by seasoned professionals backed by VCs. I will find out the most interestning one and will review them on this blog.

Visit www.web2watch.com.