Tools to find a good domain name

by Yash 0 Comments

It is becoming very difficult to get good domain names. Especially .com domain names. Virtually every name that you can think of is booked by some domain squatter who wants to sell it for thousands of dollars! I was looking for a good domain name for our new venture and was getting frustrated checking out names on GoDaddy and DomainsBot. I was running out of ideas when I cam across two good websites which can generate some exciting domain names for you.

One is Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator. It randomly generates some good Web2.0 like names. Some examples – skytown, backpost, xanzu (That’s VERY web2.0ish!!! B-) ), tag32, eventblitz etc. Cool names I must say. Although it doesn’t exactly tell you if a .com for the name is available, it does give you some food for thought and some new ideas.

Another one is This site actually creates domains names and even reports if one is available or not. It can generate random names based on language rules and domain name length. You can also give a dictionary word and it will creates hundreds of domain names with synonyms and affixes.