Tendulkar wants fans to react with responsibility and balance! My foot!

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Tendulkar said he was disappointed with India’s failed title defence but at the same time felt the fans back home needed to show more “responsibility and balance” in their reaction.

“I feel there is very high emotions among the people when they react. But do these reactions help us to play better? Not really. These actually put more pressure on the players. We have got to be mature and be with the team,” Tendulkar said.

Dude since we have high emotions attached with this game, you and your ilk are so rich! Look at players of other sports. We are emotional? Hell yeah we are! you win, we’ll make you god, you lose, we’ll burn your effigies! We are like that. Take it or leave it! You have been playing for 20years, you should know better by now! Don’t teach us how to be good fans, learn to play better cricket!