Idli appam sambhar khao, Quick Gun Murugun ke gun gao….Mind It!

by Yash 0 Comments

I say, Mind it! Boy its a mindless laugh riot! Quick Gun Murugun is one heck of a movie. Its utter nonsense, but thats where it clicks! It doesnt try to make any sense and takes you a ride, where my cheeks started paining after laughing. It’s got all! The movie draws a lot from classic Hollywood movies – Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Matric, Terminator, X men and the quintesseltial cowboy movies!! The gun fight will put Neos and Rajnikants of the world to shame. The punch lines oh boy – they are killer – “Tereko khali road nahi mila?” Asks Murugun to Rowdy MBA and we see they are standing on top of taxis on a jam packed road for a one on one gun fight!! Yem Bee Ye…Yem Bee Ye!

Director Shashanka Ghosh has done a very good job and the movie with all its non sense is very detailed. Murugun applies Haldi Kumkum to his bullets before the final showdown with Riceplate Reddy and you can see the Haldi on the bullet wounds of his victims. Just put the rules of physics aside for 90 minutes and you will enjoy it for sure!

Indian Cowboy is on the loose…….rascala…..mind it!