India in 2030

  • Sachin plays his 300th test for India and scores 100th Century. Coach Ishant Sharma applauds him.
  • Abhishek Bachchan’s daughter debuts against Rajnikant in a Hollywood production.
  • Amir Khan has been making a movie for 5 years – perfectionist ha!
  • Salman Khan is still bachelor!
  • PM Rahul Gandhi introduces his teenaged son to politics, India has a new PM in making.
  • Advani is trying yet again to be the PM from the hospital bed.
  • Lalu is still in Bihar
  • Mayawati gets her name in Guinness Book of Records for being the person having maximum statues in the world. 12,374 at last count!
  • India hosts Olympic for the first time at the cost of 50% of Country’s GDP! Organiser Suresh Kalmadi buys an entire island in Dubai and settles there for ever. Indians are FINALLY happy to see him go!
  • Top 10 people in Forbes’ rich list are Indians – mostly living outside India.
  • Prince William and Prince Henry visit Mumbai, travel with the dubbawalas in AirTaxi and praise their service.
  • There are 3526 news channels and on any given day you can find more reporters on the road than beggars.
  • Mumbai has a population of 5 crores.
  • India has two mobile phones per person.
  • Nokia is PAYING people to use its phones!
India in 2030
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