Why Google Plus is no threat to Facebook

I have written an article about why Google+ is no threat to Facebook on Trak.in.

Facebook is personal. That makes it successful. There are many people who are on Facebook but they are not on Twitter. You know why? Because Twitter is NOT personal! When I login to Facebook I see updates FROM my friends, and ABOUT my friends. Who changed the relationship status, who got a kid, who changed the display picture, who friended whom etc. The news that matters to me the most! It is not the same on Twitter. And it is not the same on Google+ either.

Facebook is a community. It’s about people. Google is a robot. It’s about content. Social networking is about people. So Facebook will prevail over Google+.

Read the full article on Trak.in

Is Due On – Freakin simple bill tracker!

Today I launched a new web application – Is Due On – Freakin’ simple bill tracker and due date reminder!

Is Due On is a web based service where you can keep a track of your bills and it will send you reminders when they are due. Never ever forget to pay that bill on time!

This is how it works – you register and add unlimited bills or items. You specify a due date for each bill/item and put an amount. Is Due On will start sending you reminders through email 3 days prior to the due date. When the bill is paid, you can simply remove it by clicking on a link in the email or you can reschedule it for next month or next year by simply clicking on another link in the email. That’s where the freakin simple part comes in.

You can keep a track of your credit card bills, mobile and other utilities bills, insurance premium, loan EMI, rent, interest, subscription expiry, prescription refill, birthdays, anniversaries and almost any other important date on Is Due On.

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You might ask why do I need Is Due On to remind me to pay my bills? There are tons of other services that I can use! Sure you can use your mobile to keep track of bills and reminders, you can also use some online calendar tools for the same – but the difference is they all are task managers – not bill managers. Advantage of Is Due On is its simplicity. It’s dead simple! You just add a bill, set the amount and the due date and you are done. Is Due On is different then other task manager/to do list manager software in the way that it is meant for one specific type of task – paying the bills. It understands the money part of that activity that other generalized task manager/to do list manager tools can’t. You also get to see a list of all your upcoming bills in a simple list. Just bills and nothing else.

What is released today is the free version of the service. A premium version of the service is also under works. It will add more functionality to the system in the form of SMS reminders, customized reminder schedule, a history report of your bills and more.

If you have ever forgotten to pay any bill by due date then Is Due On is something you must check out.


2pl.us – a URL shortening service with password protection

by Yash

Just launched 2pl.us – a URL shortening service.

Why one more URL shortener?

Agree URL shorteners are dime a dozen. But we felt there was a need for one more. And 2plus has some unique benefits to offer. Original URL Shortening websites came into existence to make it more convenient for netizens to browse the internet, and have been living upto their name, so far. They have constricted the margin of errors one might make while typing a URL, which is inevitable.

Since its the latest one, there are one and two letter aliases available for grabs while most of the well established sites now generate aliases with 4 or more letters. At the moment 2plus generates the shortest URLs.

2plus also allows custom aliases, so if your favorite alias is not available on other sites, you can pick one here.

Then it has the unique ability to protect the shortened URLs with a password. You can share your private URLs only with a select few without worrying that someone may view it by simply typing a random string after http://2pl.us/.

Apart from this we some more exciting features coming up in the next few days. Below is a non-exhaustive list

Statistics – we are already tracking the hits on the URLs and are in the process of building a nice report of it.
Developer API – to integrate 2pl.us’s URL shortening abilities in applications.
Widgets for websites and blogs so that your users can quickly shortens URLs before posting them on the site.
Bookmarklets for browsers to shorten URLs instantly.

Do check out http://2pl.us

Firefox 3 is out – downlaod now!

Just saw that Firefox 3 is out. I tried to access Mozilla.com and firefox.com but it seems down because of the heavy traffic. I managed to download it from Downlaod.com.

Download Firefox 3.

The installation was fast, it checked my existing add-ons for compatibility and downloaded the updated versions of ones that were not compatible. I am still checking it out and will write a review after I use it for a few days.

Web2Watch – Keeping an eye on web 2.0 startups

by Yash 0 Comments

w2wlogo.gifI have launched a new blog – web2watch.com. This is a blog where I will write about new interesting web 2.0 sites/businesses that I come across. Internet is my passion and I LOVE to spend time surfing the web, discovering new interesting sites and seeing at what amazing ideas creative people come up with.

There’s a site that lets you create free audio forum for your website, there one that gives away one software title a day for free, there’s another that lets you create online surveys for free, a remote backup service and more. I will review all of these here. Everyday I plan to spare at least 15 minutes to review at least on site. There are hundreds of web 2.0 sites cropping up everyday, some will be crap, some will be killer apps. Some are launched by a teenager from his dorm room or his father’s garage and some are founded by seasoned professionals backed by VCs. I will find out the most interestning one and will review them on this blog.

Visit www.web2watch.com.