PhotoKeeper – cloud photo backup for serious photographers

We finally launched our next big product at Uconomix – PhotoKeeper. It is a cloud based photo backup and management service aimed at professional and serious hobbyist photographers.


There are dozens of cloud backup services out there, what sets PhotoKeeper apart from them is its focus on photos. Other general purpose backup services do not understand photos and they are meant for casual smartphone photographers. PhotoKeeper understands photos, it understands RAW files and it reads EXIF data and lets you search based on that data. In terms of photo organization what Lightroom does on the desktop, PhotoKeeper does in the cloud.

Here’s an introductory video of PhotoKeeper

PhotoKeeper has advanced search capabilities. You want to see all your photos taken with your Canon 5D Mk III and 70-200mm lens at ISO 100 and the aperture of f/2.8 where flash did not fire and which you have rated 3 stars and above? You can do that with PhotoKeeper!

Another unique feature of PhotoKeeper is private albums. Professional photographers will find it really useful. They can create private albums and share with their clients who can comment and annotate on the photos and provide feedback. It eliminates the need of sending photos through email or pen drives and facilitates better communication.

Check out PhotoKeeper at www.photokeeper.net

MemeYourPhoto – add captions to your images

We have recently launched MemeYourPhoto.com – a web app and an accompanying Android app that allows one to create custom memes from their own photos. Basically it allows you to quickly add captions to any image without having to download anything.

Meme Your Photo

The app arose out of my frustration with existing meme making apps which are fantastic when it comes to creating memes from existing templates, but using your own images for memes is difficult. Some of them just don’t have that option and some other that do – make it very very difficult with you having to import images in the app and then save it with name as a new template. I may never create another meme using that photo – I just have a temporary need to add captions on an image and there was no quick way to do it. So the answer is MemeYourPhoto.com – that is how easy adding captions on an image should be.

In MemeYourPhoto (web app or Android app) you select a photo, specify a top line of text and bottom line of text and control the font size by using the +/- buttons next to it and that’s it. The meme is ready. It can either be downloaded or shared directly on Facebook/Twitter.

Pictuck – photo sharing app for Windows

We have released a new photography related app named Pictuck. It is like an Instagram for Windows. You can enhance and share your photos with Pictuck.


Using Pictuck is really easy. You select a photos, select an effect and click a button to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. You can also save the enhanced photo on your computer or you can send it to someone through email.

Pictuck is 100% free. You can download Pictuck from pictuck.com.

ImageResize.org – crop and resize images online

We launched a new web app ImageResize.org. It’s a tool to resize and crop images online. JavaScript on the front end and .Net at the back to do the work on actual image. Took us a while to actually code and launch it. Resizing and cropping images seems very simple, but when you actually sit down to write the code for it, you realise there are so many intricacies. We also added ability to flip and rotate images, combine that with cropping and all the various resizing options – and doing them on both the client and server side – well it was time consuming. But finally it has been launched.

After 8 years, Uconomix has finally found its niche. That is managing and editing digital images. uMark sales are picking up and we are profitable on that front after I closed my services business. ImageResize.org is our third web app around online image manipulation after uMarkOnline.com and PhotoJoiner.net. The reason for launching such simple but useful web apps is that it brings in traffic. All these sites do just one thing – which is nothing complicated and because of the generic names brings in lot of organic search traffic and gives us an audience to show the banners of our paid app – uMark.

Few more apps are in the pipeline. One is Pictuck which is a Windows based app very similar to Instagram – apply preset effect to a photo and share it online – but for a desktop and then a meme generator.

The biggest app is going to be the one which will be a fusion of Picasa + Lightroom + Dropbox. An all in one solution to manage, process and backup photos. That is going to be the future of my company.

Where are the brains?

We at Uconomix are in process of recruiting some bright programmers. Posted the opening on Naukri and as expected flood of resumes is coming in. We have set up an online logical test comprising of only 10 questions on maths, logic and reasoning. Some 900 candidates have taken the test so far. Results – only 59 have managed to score 7 or more, only 20 have scored 9 or 10 and only 12 people have got perfect 10.

A good 359 people have left the test midway and never submitted the answers. And from those who have completed the test, the average score is 2! :O

We have interviewed 20 or so candidates so far and recruited two. Hunt is still on as we want to recruit 2 or 3 more.

I am wondering how can people who have Engineering and all such degrees with wonderful academics be so stupid!

Sample one question –

Bill purchased a chair for $200. Next month he sold it to Tom for $150. Next month he purchased it back for $180 and then sold it again to Nick for $220. Did he make profit or loss in the entire transaction? How much was it?

We have people writing all sorts of answers to this question, some say he made loss some say he made a profit. Some sample answers –

No Profit No loss
26.9 %
LOSS of Rs.20
Profit 90$

Most of the candidates concluded that he made a loss. But some 45 people actually thought he made a profit on the entire transaction! I would like to borrow some money from these guys!! :P And I don’t understand why did many of them use “Rs.” in the answer. The question mentions the figures in Dollars. This gives us a hint how much attention a guy is paying to minute details.

A large computer education institute invited us to look at a recruiting software at their center. We were there to recruit students. 27 students took our test. Highest score? Four!

This is pathetic! I am worried. I am shocked! Where are the brains??!! And what will these people do in their lives? This is common sense!! An average Indian holding a college degree is so stupid?

This is not about job readiness. People can be trained for a job. But what about intelligence? How do you make people intelligent? How do you compel them to use their brains? Programming is all about logic, Engineering education is all about maths. People are not able to solve simple maths problems!

I ask people a question in Interview – “If 2 typists can type 2 pages in 2 minutes, how much time does it take for one typist to type one page?” One minute! Promptly comes the answer!! I look at the candidate straight faced and ask “take some time, give it some thought and tell me again” They think and give some answer. Many stick to 1 minute. Their interview ends in the next 5 minutes.

Why is common sense so uncommon!!??

And now a new office

I am buying an office. The first one that I will be owning. It will have a capacity for a team of 10-12 + one cabin for myself :) Its not big, but it will be mine! It is situated in a wonderful glass facade shopping mall which has been converted to office complex called Sej Plaza. It next to my school. Railway station is nearby so it will be very convenient for my team members to commute. Deal will take a couple of weeks to conclude.

I am excited! Its raining new for me these days. New car, new office, badhiya hai!!

Is Due On blog launched

Launched a blog for Is Due On – http://blog.isdueon.com/

Also made some UI enhancements and added an option to specify a type/category for the due item. Items can now be specified as eitehr payable, receivable or an important date. Payable and receivable items will be treated specially in the coming days. One big bang feature is going to be account predictor.

Is Due On is slowly getting some traction. It has been reviewed on Plauggd.in. Trying to get it featured on more blogs/sites soon.

Is Due On – Freakin simple bill tracker!

Today I launched a new web application – Is Due On – Freakin’ simple bill tracker and due date reminder!

Is Due On is a web based service where you can keep a track of your bills and it will send you reminders when they are due. Never ever forget to pay that bill on time!

This is how it works – you register and add unlimited bills or items. You specify a due date for each bill/item and put an amount. Is Due On will start sending you reminders through email 3 days prior to the due date. When the bill is paid, you can simply remove it by clicking on a link in the email or you can reschedule it for next month or next year by simply clicking on another link in the email. That’s where the freakin simple part comes in.

You can keep a track of your credit card bills, mobile and other utilities bills, insurance premium since I need to find out how is covered by my car insurance, loan EMI, rent, interest, subscription expiry, prescription refill, birthdays, anniversaries and almost any other important date on Is Due On.

You might ask why do I need Is Due On to remind me to pay my bills? There are tons of other services that I can use! Sure you can use your mobile to keep track of bills and reminders, you can also use some online calendar tools for the same – but the difference is they all are task managers – not bill managers. Advantage of Is Due On is its simplicity. It’s dead simple! You just add a bill, set the amount and the due date and you are done. Is Due On is different then other task manager/to do list manager software in the way that it is meant for one specific type of task – paying the bills. It understands the money part of that activity that other generalized task manager/to do list manager tools can’t. You also get to see a list of all your upcoming bills in a simple list. Just bills and nothing else.

What is released today is the free version of the service. A premium version of the service is also under works. It will add more functionality to the system in the form of SMS reminders, customized reminder schedule, a history report of your bills and more.

If you have ever forgotten to pay any bill by due date then Is Due On is something you must check out.


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