And now a new office

I am buying an office. The first one that I will be owning. It will have a capacity for a team of 10-12 + one cabin for myself :) Its not big, but it will be mine! It is situated in a wonderful glass facade shopping mall which has been converted to office complex called Sej Plaza. It next to my school. Railway station is nearby so it will be very convenient for my team members to commute. Deal will take a couple of weeks to conclude.

I am excited! Its raining new for me these days. New car, new office, badhiya hai!!

Movies I’ve watched in the past couple of months

Had a backlog of movies to watch and been on a movie watching spree for last couple of months both at home and in theatres.

Hindi (All in theatres)

Quick Gun Murugun
Love Aaj Kal
Whats Your rashee

English (All on comp courtesy BitTorrent :P )

Angels & Demons
Chronicles Of Narnia Prince Caspian
I am Legend
Night At The Museum 2
Terminator Salvation
The Mummy 3
X-Men Origins Wolverine
Tremors 2 – Aftershocks
Tremors 3 – Back to Perfection
Tremors 4 -  The Legend Begins

Apart from these I also went through the re watch of the original Star Wars triology

Movies I liked the most – Wall-E and Wolverine

Still pending in the list

Rock n Rolla
The Dargeling Limited
Transformers 2
Harry Potter and the half blood prince

In Hindi – Wanted


Star Wars 1-3
Harry Potter 1-5
Lord of the rings triology

28 gone

I completed 28 years today. Starting the 29th year of my life.

I met my wife 20 years back when I was in grade 3!
Left the school 13 years back
Completed my education 8 years back
Started my company 4.5 years back
Been married for last 2.5 years

Its been a wonderful life. Boy another couple of years and I will be in the thirties! Time is flying!

What lies ahead? Who knows, live the life as it comes.

Vote! Show all the finger!

I cast my vote early in the morning. Me, my mom and dad. Bijal (my wife) will be going later in the day. Although I and my dad voted for different candidates. We did exercise our fundamental right granted to us by the democracy.

And this time they are marking (very appropriately) the middle finger to show off to all who do not vote! :)

Go vote now. Show the finger to all!

Hunting for my next mobile phone

I want:

  • Brand: Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry
  • OS: Any except Windows Mobile (So HTC is almost out of question)!
  • WiFi
  • BlueTooth
  • Qwerty keypad
  • Screen: at least 3.5 inch
  • FM radio
  • 3G
  • Good quality camera with at least 3 Mega pixels and a Flash
  • Fast processor

At present I am using i-mate JAMin a rebranded HTC phone with Windows Mobile 5.0.

Windows Mobile sucks! The processor sucks! The combination is slow, the phone hangs often. There’s no querty keypad which I have found is must for a smartphone. It’s tedious typing emails or even SMS on the tiny on screen keypad. FM radio is something that I miss sorely from my Sony Eriscsson K750i. And 3G is round the corner, I would better get a 3G capable phone.

Nokia E90 is already out there but is expensive at 35K. Nokia E75 is another contender and is just out but it has an odler OS in Symbian S60. I am interested in Nokia N97 which is due in June. It has everything I want plus 32 GB in built memory and a 3.5 inch screen. The feature set is impressive. Lets wait and watch!

Delhi-Agra-Shimla-Manali trip

I am back from the vacation. We had an amazing time! In a trip spanning 11 days we travelled Delhi, Agra, Shimla and Manali.

I have uploaded a few photos on my photo gallery. They can be seen here.

Taken a lot of photos and videos on the tour. I will also uplaod some of the videos of YouTube in the weekend. ow its time to get back to work!

Off to a vacation!

I am off to a vacation tomorrow with my wife. We’ll be completing two years of our married life on Feb 14, 2009 and we have decided to spend each of our marriage anniversary on a vacation. This time we are heading to Delhi, Agra, Shimla and Manali.

It will be a 12 day trip and I think we’ll have a ball! I am expecting snow in Simla and Manali. :B

Instead of going to a tour operator I have decided upon the itinerary myself with tips from online travel forum IndiaMike. We will be visiting Taj Mahal, various museums of Delhi, will take the toy train for Shimla – no tour operator takes you in the train – it’s a treat to travel in that train. Will try skiing in Kufri and may be paragliding in Manali. We will also try the hot air balloon rides napa and maybe I will plan a date on it . Paragliding – if I can muster enough courage and my wife permits!

We on ma credit card!


It is not Photoshopped. This is an actual credit card that I have from ICICI bank. ICICI bank had come up with this offer where offered an add on credit card to existing card holders where you can chose any background for the credit card. 100% customized card – and you can see which picture I selected to be on my credit card!

Cool, isn’t it? :)

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