Bye bye 2009, Welcome 2010

The year 2009 has been particularly good for me. Lots happening both on professional and personal fronts. Business revived taking the team size to 6. Got the new office, new car. My sister in law got married to my best friend – with whom we are going to spend our new year eve :) Watched lots of movies, visited Taj Mahal and enjoyed life and work alike.

2010 looks promising too. Lots of exiting work to be done. Need to double my team size and turnover of the company. Lots of new ideas to be implemented. Bye bye 2009. Welcome 2010!

Great resume quote – precious stone!

Had to post this one. Recruitment drive is on at Uconomix and I am receiving hundreds of resumes. As usual some have great quotes. Look at this gem I just received –

Sir I want the job as my time is passing new batch on the way to come out.
I have already send my resume to you

Any precious stone can be modled according to requirement but it should be the precious stone
B.E firstclass is somthing in todays world

Duh! BE First class is a precious stone!! Wow!! Sorry dude, BE first class are dime a dozen these days!

I have an online logic test for freshers. It has only 5 questions/puzzles on maths and logic, just 5. and there have been a number of BEs whoch haven’t managed to get even 2 correct!

Have a look at some more excellent quotes from resumes.

I guess Palak will win Roadies 6.0, Hell Down under

You know why? Palak is damn entertaining. Raghu might have bashed her publicly but she is the ultimate drama queen. Why was she called back to the show? Becuase she fights, she creates drama, she abuses like hell and she beings TRP! What else do you need in a reality show man? She’s the anti hero! She’s perfect match for Roadies. Rodies is not for the likes of Devarshi the clown and Paulomi the doll! It’s for rascals like Nauman and Nautankibaaz like Palak!

There’s a substitute for paper, there’s none for trees! Really?


I keep getting this mailer from HDFC Bank about opting for e-statements and saving paper thus saving trees. I get a paper statement of my account every quarter and for my company’s account every month. This particular letter with the headline “There’s a substitute for paper, there’s none for the trees” is invariably sent with each statement. Not just the bank account statement, it comes with the credit card statement too.

The intent of the bank is to get me opt for e-statements instead of paper statements, but why waste another piece of paper for giving that message? Its like sticking a poster on a wall with a message “don’t stick poster here”. The real intent on the part of the bank is not to help environment but to save on their stationary and mailing costs. If the bank really wants to save trees then they can just print it on top of the actual account statement instead of sending a whole new sheet of paper! The bank really wants to save the money and that’s it. They don’t give a damn about being environment friendly or so. You want to do anything you have fill up a physical form. You want to register for net banking, fill a form. Want the third party transfer facility – fill another form, want to register for bill pay? Another form. Want to apply for a debit/credit card, loan – more forms! If you really want to save the trees, why don’t you get rid of all these forms first? Why pester the clients with mailers about opting for e-statements?

People need e-statements because they need to file them for various purposes. If I opt for e-statements, I will still have a to take a printout in order to file it. And that statement won’t work if I have to apply for a loan tomorrow (I have personal experience of it). So even e-statements don’t solve the ultimate purpose of saving the trees. Banks don’t just waste paper on advises about saving the trees, they also waste a lot of paper and that too of very high quality on various promotional material that is sent along with the monthly statement. Guidelines on using your net banking and credit cards effectively, mailers about balance transfer, EMI on call etc waste more paper than my one page account statement! If you want to save paper, stop sending these or just use the space at the back of the statement for that purpose!

People keep talking about paperless offices and paperless societies, but we can’t achieve a paperless world until all the systems are changed in tandem  to work sans paper! Ever applied for a PAN card online? You can go online and fill up your PAN card application online and even pay the requisite fees online, but then you have to take a print out of the filled application form and have to mail it along with all the required proofs in order to get your PAN card! Ridiculous! Why do I need to submit a physical application if I have applied online? The data is already with you in electronic format, just use it! You want a proof of residence and identity? I can scan the required documents and attach them! What’s a big deal? But no! The systems haven’t really evolved to that level and until they evolve to that level, I will have to keep filing my monthly bank account statements and till then I can’t opt for e-statements!

Google has a new favicon

I just noticed Google has started using a new Favicon. It’s a lower case g in blue colour. I liked the old one more. It was a capital G with all of Google’s colours. More about the old favicon. I ran a search on Google and saw people are already writing about it.

Google Favicons – new and old –


Some say its sucks – I tend to agree to a certain extent. But we will gradually come to accept it.

Want to create your own Favicon? Here are some resources –

Favicon maker – Create a favicon from any image

A textual favicon generator.

Ultrasonic sound test for your ears

This stumbleupon thingy is amazing. So very often I stumble upon stuff that seems rather absurd. I just came across a sound test! It tests your hearing ability with ultrasonic sounds to ascertain how good your ears are!

I couldn’t hear a sound above 12 Khz.

Here’s my test result –

Your ears aren’t what they once were and you have resorted to doing online hearing tests.

The highest pitched ultrasonic mosquito ringtone that I can hear is 12kHz

Find out which ultrasonic ringtones you can hear!

Missed call

Usually I never call back people who simply give a missed call hinting me to call back (and save a few bucks of their own). Today I was in a good mood and called back to a missed call. Whoa..the guy was looking for a job! :P How professional! I liked the daring of that fellow. I am at short of words to describe this man’s immaturity. And then they expect to be employed!

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