Zombies do exist!

by Yash 1 Comment

I was watching We The People on NDTV yesterday and the topic of the debate was magic. Some people who claim to perform miracles including Yogi Ashwini were pitted against Narendra Nayak. Even though Narendra Nayak demonstrated some tricks like swallowing fire and conjuring up gold chains from thin air – the followers – the blind followers of the Yogi were unimpressed. Their argument – “So what if that is a trickery. That does not mean Our guru is fake!!” Really? Are you f-ing kidding me? Seriously?

And then there was this Miss India who claimed to be a skeptic and then said she had some stomach problem and her doctor father couldn’t understand what was wrong and she went to Yogi Ashwini and in 5 minutes she was all right! Lady you need psychiatric treatment!

If you believe some Babaji, Mataji, Guruji, Swamiji, Panditji or Shastriji will solve your problems in life and it involves saying some prayers, performing some dumb rituals, wearing some ring, locket or thread or other such mumbo jumbo, then – let me say it categorically – you are an idiot! A┬ádisgrace on human intellect! May be your brain has not evolved or you have just shut the doors to any reason or logic or may be you are just incapable of understanding basic science. In such a case you are nothing but a mindless zombie!!

The Yogi, who claims to have correctly diagnosed a person’s ailment just by looking at his/her photograph – in over 500 cases with 85% accuracy – also repeated the common misconception that we humans only use 7-8% of our brains. You know what dude, that is entirely true in the case of people who actually follow you. They don’t even use 1% of their brain! Or may be they just don’t have a brain – only cow dung in their skulls.

When you look at the number of followers these thugs have then you seriously wonder where did evolution go wrong!