Why is it necessary to have a creator?

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I am often asked “If you don’t believe in God then how do you think everything in this world is happening?” Some other variants of this question are-

Who created the universe?
How babies are born?
How seasons change?
How do we have rains and sunshine, day and night?
How everything happens?
How is the world functioning?
Or some other how xyz happens/came in to being?

Since people can’t figure out “how this all happens” they resort to an easy option – there must be someone doing all this – the god!

This is called the watchmaker argument. It implies that if a watch necessitates the existence of a watchmaker, then the world necessitates the existence of its creator – the god.

My question is WHY?

Why do we always have to have a creator? Why can’t something come into existence on its own? Automatically. By chance. By coincidence. Why not?

I know the idea of something as complex as universe and life coming into existence out of thin air looks like a complete nonsense. Something out out of nothing is just absurd!

But why?

What may seem absurd today may become a scientific reality tomorrow. If 1000 years back someone told you that the earth is round and not flat wouldn’t you have ridiculed the idea as an utter nonsense! You would have asked, “If the earth is round then how come people living on the other side don’t ‘fall off’?” Heck weren’t the sailors afraid of sailing to the edge of the earth for the possibility of “falling off” the earth just a few centuries back?

So why constraint our mind with the notion of a creator? Why can’t we think of a watch without a watchmaker?

And the analogy of the creator does not solve the problem either. If the world was created by a creator then who created the creator? See it doesn’t solve the problem. It only adds one more link to the beginning of the chain. And if we can assume that the creator was created automatically, out of thin air then why can’t we assume that the world was created automatically?

If the world is complex then it’s creator has to be even more complex and intelligent being isn’t it? So if a super complex, super intelligent being such as the god can come in to existence on its own then a less complex thing like universe has more chances of coming into existence on its own – out of thin air. Does that make sense? It makes perfect sense to me for sure!

OK what about the god, the creator wasn’t created – but he has always being. No start no end. Then again the same argument can be applied to universe as well. It wasn’t created. It was always there. It is eternal – no start, no end.

Now comes the contentious part.

In my opinion – belief in a creator signifies a mind that can not think independently. For them, a watch must have a watchmaker. It signifies a mind whose thinking is constrained. Only people who have a free thinking mind – a rebel mind – can think of a watch without a watchmaker. Yes it’s not a conventional thinking that everything happens automatically. That things CAN happen automatically. For majority of the people it is impossible to even think of a possibility that mere atoms can take various forms – sometimes intelligent – on their own. For them nothing can happen without external help. It is the thinking of a mind that is dependant. Too dependant on external help. A mind hell bent on not doing anything on its own. Always seeking assistance. Don’t we always see people seeking help in the form of prayers, lucky numbers, lucky stones etc?

Well I am not one of them. I think it is possible for things to happen automatically. I see it everyday. I see the earth rotating. I see the seeds growing into trees, I see the wind creating amazing patters in the desert and all this is so amazing and I know it happens automatically because science can explain how it all happens. One day science will also be able to explain the origin of life and may be then we all will have to accept that we do not have to have a creator.