Why do theists avoid logical debate about God’s existence?

by Yash 0 Comments

I find this amusing. Whenever I try to explain my position as an atheist and ask some logical questions about God, the theists run away. My mom, my wife, friends… they just don’t want to discuss the G word. I often have fun encounters with my mom on the subject. When she tries to thrust some nonsensical religious idea down my throat, I object and question the logic. She wouldn’t answer, or would start scolding me and if I insist, change the topic or just leave the room.

Favorite arguments of my mom to support her belief in God

– Millions of people believe in God, are they all mad and you are the only smart one to not believe?
My answer: Just because majority of the people do something doesn’t make it right. There are 950 million Hindus but there are 1.5 billion Muslims and 2 billion Christians. So Christians are in majority so they must be right in their belief. Why are you a Hindu then? Be a Christian!

– If there is no God who does all this? Who runs the world? Who makes the day and night and gives life?
My answer: Kids in standard four know how day and night happen. Its a natural process, we don’t need a power to run it. Evolution explains life.
Mom: Huh! Evolution?

– Don’t believe. You will go to hell!
My answer: I am not afraid of going to non existent palaces. You can’t go to a place that doesn’t exist can you?

I think theists somehow deep down know that their position is week. I feel every believer is a skeptic somewhere. Theists fear that the logical argument could be true. What if it turns out that there is no God? Oh boy that would be a major blow! After a certain age religion becomes the life support system for the people. Older people especially in India don’t really have much to do except pray and visit temples, mosques, churches. If you take away the religion it will take away the purpose to live for many a people. Pity!

The other reason could be that people genuinely fear that by indulging in a conversation questioning the God’s existence they are committing a great sin and they will have to pay dearly for it. But again you don’t have to fear if you are debating on behalf of God. You are trying to further “his” cause right?