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The Vowels
a A, aa i I, ee u U, oo
tR En e ai Ao
o au TR AOM
AO अँ M अं H, : अः aA अऽ
| ||
The Consonants
k kh g gh G
ch Ch j jh nY
t T d D N
th Th dh Dh n
p ph b bh, B, Bh m
y r l v
sh Sh s
h kSh क्ष
q qh gG z DdD
RrR f Y NnN R

Happy Experimenting!

I'm still searching for the ideal letter combinations to represent each syllable.
If you have any ideas please tell me:

For instance, I don't know if the letter combinations "kaaAO" or "kAAO" are
intuitive enough to write काँ. Since I am neither a native speaker nor writer of
Hindi, I look forward to feedback from people who write Hindi often.

The same applies to the other language pages also. If you can suggest an
improvement to any letter combination in any page, tell me.

The goal is to make writing in each language as intuitive as possible.

The code this site uses is here. It is free for use.