Check your Airtel broadband data usage

I got an email from Airtel informing me I have hit 80% of my monthly high speed data limit and gave me a URL to check my available data.

Here’s the link –

No need to login or anything. Just visit it using your Airtel connection and it will tell you your remaining high speed data limit for the month.If you want to buy additional data at high speed you can also do so from this URL.

9 thoughts on “Check your Airtel broadband data usage”

  1. I get the following message

    transaction error

    GB0D005: This service is not available on your existing plan for DSL ID 040_ap. For assistance, call 121 from your airtel fixed line.

  2. The link u provided always showing available GB as 10GB (my limit is 10GB) after 18 days of usage.But No of days to the next bill cycle is counting correctly.

  3. But recently this webpage has stopped working.I’m not able to access it. So how do I come to know of the GBs left in my account?

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