In conversation with Arvind Kejriwal

You have seen Modi’s fixed Adalat, you have seen farcical interview of Rahul by Arnab. Now here’s an interview or rather interrogation by an openly hostile anchor and frequently asked questions asked directly by the people.

He’s not running away, he’s not blabbering unrelated things. He answers every allegation and clarifies every doubt. Do spend an hour and watch this. You may or may not vote for him but at least watch it.

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  1. hemen parekh
    What Could Arvind Do ? After 49 days in office , Arvind Kejriwal resigned as CM of Delhi Some people say , he is a " Bhagoda " ( an absconder ), who ran away from his responsibility to people of Delhi Now , if you were AK , what would you have done , if you were faced with the following situation ? > You have promised to people of Delhi , to root-out corruption > To this end , you have promised to pass Jan Lok Pal Bill > Business Rules of Central Government say , Delhi Government CANNOT introduce any bill which has financial implication / burden , without first seeking OK from the Lieutenant Governor ( LG ) to introduce the bill > Business Rules are " Un-Constitutional " , as per eminent jurists > But Congress Government at Centre , was NOT willing to drop these rules , despite a written request from Delhi Government > LG had no power to give a go-bye to the rules . His only option was to reject the introduction of the bill , if it was referred to him > Knowing this too well , Congress / BJP ganged up and insisted that AK must , first refer the bill to LG and introduce it in Assembly , only if approved by LG Did Arvind have any option other than to resign ? Now suppose , he throws up his hands and tells people of Delhi , " What can I do ? I tried my best but BJP / Congress would not let me introduce the bill , citing some un-constitutional rules Jan Lok Pal Bill must wait till , * AAP comes to power at the Centre and drops those Business Rules ( I admit , this is a most unlikely scenario ! ) * AAP government at Centre grants full Statehood to Delhi So , I have decided to forget the whole matter and continue as CM " Those very same people would have said , " What business you have to continue as CM , if you cannot fulfill your promises ? You are no different than those power-hungry politicians of BJP / Congress If you have any shame left , you must resign immediately " DEAR ARVIND , Kuchh to log Kahenge Logo ka kaam hain kahena Chhodo ye bekaar ki baante Kahin bit naa jaye rainaa ( - I mean , Mat-Ganana ! ) * hemen parekh ( 22 April 2014 / Mumbai )

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