Gandhi and 26/11? WTF!

by Yash 1 Comment

Manas Kumar Sahu – the sand painting artist – and his team performed on India’s Got Talent. They started with a scene of 26/11, drew the Mumbai skyline, Tajmahal Hotel, Gateway of India, then drew a terrorist and finally ended with a portrait of Gandhi. Everybody gave them a standing ovation. Fair enough. But what message were they trying to convey? That we should reply to terrorism in Gandhi’s way? What’s the bloody connection of Gandhi with 26/11? Gandhian philosophy of non violence was good 50 years back against the British government. They were civilized people with a base and a civil society. The terrorists have no base, no society. Nothing that will make them introspect. They just understand one language – language of bullets! And they deserve just that! Stop bringing Gandhi as a solution to every fucking problem! Let him be on the currency notes only!

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  1. keshav
    I agree with you...unfortunately our govt aren't acting even knowing who the people are terrorising india. Our weak fucking PM condems the attack whenver it happens and keep talking abt it....This govt shud be thrown out for god one is bothered about attcking the places where these terrorists hide. ....Gandhian way is bullshit...bhagat singh way the govt should adapt....Mr manmoham learn from israel and their tit for tat policy....Sonia and you are taking this nation for a disaster....are you waiting for terrorists from pak to drop a nuclear bomb on india ? Or are you waiting till china occupies entire india ? We need answers from you Mr manmohan

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