Did Walmart spend $25 million to lobby for FDI in retail in India?

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Indian media and especially the brain dead opposition parties are crying over the declaration by Walmart that it spent $25 million to lobby for entry in Indian market!

Puhleeeeaase!!!! Give me a break!

Lobbying in the US is the paid activity in which entities hire well-connected professional advocates, often lawyers, to argue for specific legislation in decision-making bodies such as the United States Congress.

Lobbying rules require extensive disclosure, about which entities lobby, how, at whom, and for how much.

In other words, lobbying is paying fees to well connoted people to put your case in front of law makers and DISCLOSING who you are paying, how much and what for.

It is not a bribe. You don’t declare the details of the bribes you pay.

Walmart spent $25 million since 2008 for lobbying in the US for world wide issues. Not just entry in India, and when they do it is for policies of US government that concerns Walmart’s business.

It does not mean Walmart paid $25 million to Indian politicians to allow FDI in retail. If Walmart does that it doesn’t have to disclose that amount in the US Congress. Walmart paying 25 million to US lawmakers to pass a law in India – that is as ridiculous as it can get.

If you believe Walmart paid $25 million to Indian politicians as bribe to allow FDI in retail, you belong to the 90% Justice Katju was referring to.

Grow a brain.

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