My new gadget : i-mate JAMin

by Yash 0 Comments

imate JAMinI am a gadget freak. I love gadgets. Over the past one year I have purchased quite a few gizmos – a new mobile phone, digital camera, Wi-Fi for office, an SD Wi-Fi card etc. The latest in the list: i-mate JAMin – a Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone. Owning a Windows Mobile phone had been my dream ever since I worked on one at Magnet, my first job! Although I already own a Pocket PC device – Toshiba e400 – it has never been of much use to me because it’s just a PDA and we mainly use it to test our Windows Mobile software.

For some time now I had been looking to access internet on my mobile or pocket pc over our Wi-Fi network. First I decided to use my existing pocket pc for that purpose and purchased an SD Wi-Fi adaptor from eBay for $52. But the card didn’t work with my e400 and I was left with my $52 down the drain. I was also getting bored of my Sony Ericsson K750i so I decided to go for a new phone with built in Wi-Fi. I had already decided that it will be a Windows Mobile device. So I was left with just two vendors to choose from – i-mate and O2 as these are the only companies selling Windows Mobile devices in India. HP, Dell, Toshiba, Spice etc also sell Windows Mobile phones in India but these two companies are the ones who really promote and provide service for Windows based phones. After checking offerings of both the companies, I zeroed in on imate JAMin.

JAMin is a jewel. It has got Windows Mobile 5 OS, 802.11 b/g WiFi, Bluetooth, 2MP camera and other standard features like any other phone. It comes with Skype preinstalled although I had to upgrade it to latest version before being able to use it. It works perfectly. I had a long conference call with a client last night over Skype on my phone. I was connected to Skype through WiFi. It worked flawlessly.
The reason why I wanted a Windows phone is that I can install a plethora of third party software on my device to make it an ultimate productivity device. I have installed spb Pocket plus – a system utility, spb full screen keyboard – a full screen soft keyboard as the name suggests, eWallet – a wallet application to store my credit card numbers, bank account details and other important information, Core Pocket Media Player – a media player that can play various types of media files, a few games, a registry editor, an image viewer and GMail java applet. With WiFi I can check my email at any time of the day without turning my computer on. Very useful on weekdays or during night when I feel like checking the mail or reading something on Wikipedia while lying in the bed. :P I have also got a Jabra Bluetooth headset to go with it and I am planning to buy a 2 GB SD card to store some songs and a movie. There are some great software available that will let you make a DVD fit onto a 256 MB card with a decent quality. I am going to try that as well.

It’s a great device but I miss some of the features of my Sony Ericsson K750i like a loud alarm, the stand by mode time display – I had stopped wearing a wrist watch since I could always see the time on my mobile and FM radio. The camera and sound quality is not at par when you compare it to a Sony Ericsson or a Nokia device. I guess that is a trade off for the feature that I wanted the most – WiFi and a large screen for browsing the net. I can live with that.