My Love Story Part 3

by Yash 2 Comments

Almost a month had passed since I proposed her and she refused. One day I got a call from her and she said she wants to meet me. Now something had started to happen on the other end too. We met at a temple near our school and talked for about an hour. In the last one month she had become restless and couldn’t stop thinking about me. She remembered the school days and the happy moments we had shared in school with all those academic rivalries and stuff. For her completing her CA was of utmost importance everything else was secondary. We decided to keep in touch and the old friendship blossomed again.

We started calling each other regularly. Mostly it was me who would call her at her office during the afternoon when her boss would be away for lunch. The calls started to last longer. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour. Sometimes I would sneak out of home to make the call if my parents were at home. At that time a public call would cost a Rupee and pulse rate was three minutes. I remember putting 17 coins once! She too emptied a whole bowl of coins her dad had accumulated in a few months.

By then we were into TYBCom – the last year of our college degree. I used to go to college and then to a coaching class. I would reach the class early, and make a call to her and it would last for as long as it could before I had to get in the class. Now I was into computers, had a computer at home and was even planning to open computer coaching classes. Bijal on the other hand had computers as compulsory subject in her college in the last year and she was completely alien to the subject. I seized the opportunity and offered to teach her computers. At first she was reluctant but once she opened the book, she knew she needed help and there I was! :)

So she came to my home for the first time to learn computers. We would learn computers and talk. Learning computers started to become a pretext for us to meet. Parents had no objections obviously and very soon I started my computer classes so the office became our meeting spot. Slowly but surely she started to fall in love with me.

Some silly things also happened while we were in college, little fights, not talking to each other, patching up. Once we got in a fight and then I cut my thumb with a blade and wrote I am Sorry with my blood. Super filmy stuff! If I would gift her something she would ask me to keep it with me cause she could not take it home. Sometimes she would take the gift home and would tell her mom they were from some of her other friends.

It was good till it lasted. Soon the college was over and the official excuse to meet was over too. Now was the time to begin with the real life. My computer classes didn’t last long. I got a job, Bijal also got her articleship shifted to another CA. Reason being the CA she was working for wanted his son to marry her! By that time it was an unofficial understanding between us – we were for each other and no one could come between us.

As the official reasons to meet dried up, we had to fabricate reasons to meet. Especially her because Indian parents are Indian parents. So we would meet up in the evening when we would both return from our work. She would take leaves prior to her CA exams and would go a library to read. I would accompany her at the end of the day on her way back home. We used to meet alternate days, sometimes daily. When I changed job and joined Magnet, we would meet early in the morning just before we would go to our offices. We had some regular meeting places and shopkeepers and restaurant waiters started recognizing us. Once I reached late and Bijal had just left after waiting for me and the shopkeeper of a nearby shop informed me she had left. We were just starting our careers and we didn’t have mobile phones then. I got my first mobile phone in 2004. Even to this day one particular guy at MM in Malad recognizes us and whenever we happen to go there we meet him.

2006 arrived, Bijal cleared her CA and achieved her goal. In the meantime I had left my job and started my company back in 2005. Bijal helped me incorporate my company as a Private Limited Company. In fact she did most of the paper work despite her exams approaching. Now we were both in the career consolidation phase and by now it was clear to our parents as well as to where we were heading.

Our parents have always been supportive of our relationship. We never actually told our parents we loved each other and we wanted to marry. As things unraveled, it became obvious to them and they never objected. Bijal was very afraid her parents won’t approve of our relationship. But I knew her parents back from school days and I knew they won’t have any problem with me. Once her dad caught us eating Sandwiches together and when Bijal went home asked her a sarcastic question – “Are you still hungry?” Bijal thought that was the end of our meeting days but I knew that was not the case. Bijal’s parents wanted her to complete her education first so that was her priority. I have never really told my parents, I want to marry this girl and they never asked me.

It just happened.

Somewhere near the end of 2006 probably around September I just said to her how about getting married next Valentine’s Day? We were together for almost six years and I just thought Valentine’s Day would be the best day to get married. And we just decided we are getting married on Feb 14, 2007. So I told my parents I am getting married on 14/2. Met Bijal’s parents as well and told them about our decision. Again the kind hearted parents agreed to us. Even then I didn’t believe in looking for auspicious dates and stuff. Her father tried to suggest a different auspicious date, but I was firm on Feb 14. So everyone gave in.

So we arranged everything in the next 3-4 months and put together a wedding. Come 14 February, 2007 and we were a married couple.

And life has been excellent so far. At the time of our wedding we had decided we will never spend a Valentine’s Day at home so every year around Valentine’s Day we take a 2 week long vacation and go to far off places. This is the first Valentine’s Day that we are celebrating at home because we are awaiting the arrival of a new bundle of joy soon.

We have known each other for over 23 years now. Life has taught me one thing – if you really want something just go for it. Don’t think. Things will fall in place.

Life is awesome.

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  1. Kartik Mistry
    Nice one again!
  2. Anita Patel
    WOW...Thats wonderful. hey yash i know you both of u from std 7. Crush from standard 3 is unbelivable as many of us during that time was not aware of at least meaning of that or can say in lay language 'Likeing to anyone other than our Parents'. Cutting your thumb ....unbelivable.. but love is blind ,u did it too... Last night just came to know about your blog and was eager to read it as i remember during school time you had a wonderful collection of comics and i was keened to read it during that time..u used to be a wonderful writer and u are still the one. Thanks for the sharing your Love story as some of our school friends are eager to know what had happened and how between You and Bijal. Keep on writing such beautiful blog ..Ya and one more thing just clicked in my mind after reading this, why cant you write books.

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