My Love Story Part 2

by Yash 2 Comments

Phone rang. I picked up and heard a familiar voice after a long time. “Yash it’s me, Bijal”. I literally missed a heartbeat! It had been more than 3.5 years since we had left the school. We were in different colleges and there was absolutely no contact, no phones, nothing. Don’t know what made her call me but she called and that call changed the lives of both of us. It rekindled the latent feelings and I absolutely could not sleep that night. I kept thinking about her day and night. Days passed and I just could not get her out of my mind. I decided I had to tell her about my feelings.

Being a very to the point and direct person – and one who believes in the power of letters – I decided to write my feelings in a letter. A more mature letter than the one I sent a few years ago and I also decided to hand it over personally. I very carefully drafted the letter about two pages long and the letter ended with a very direct question – “Would you like to change your name to Bijal Yash Gadhiya?”!! Well that’s me! I am in one sided love with a girl since third standard, I haven’t even talked to her for more than 3 years and I know for sure she does not have similar feelings towards me and here I am proposing her to marry me when we are still in college. Naive, stupid whatever you may call it, but it was just a dumb guy madly in love with a girl for as long as he can remember.

When I look back, I think a sensible guy might have decided to get in a stable friendship first and then take it forward slowly. But I had one final goal in mind and just went for that.

I decided to hand over the letter on her 19th birthday which was coming soon. Now was the time to get in the detective mode. I wanted to know everything about her that I could find, her office address, where she goes, what she does – everything. All I had was her office phone number. She was studying for CA and was doing her articleship at some CA’s office. So I thought she must be going to the college sometime in the morning. I decided to stand near the opening of the street where she lived and wait for her to come and hand over the letter. The day arrived and I got to the spot at around 8 in the morning. Waited for her to leave for college. I waited and waited and waited. She never arrived. Later on I came to know she used to leave earlier in the morning.

Plan 1 failed so I decided to catch her at the office. I only had the office number, I used MTNL’s online directory and got the address of the office. Reached the office it was closed. Nobody was answering the office phone either. A CA’s office can’t possibly be closed in the afternoon. I thought it must have moved or the directory might have incorrect address. So I decided to call the home of her boss! Got the name of the boss from the office number and from that name found the boss’ home phone number. Called there, posed as a client and asked for office address and I got the same address from boss’ wife. Finally someone at the office picked up the phone, I asked for Bijal I was told she had shifted to another CA. Got the number of that CA, found his office address from the directory and went there the next day.

And I saw her after almost 3 years. She had changed a lot, she had got glasses and was kind of unrecognisable. I too had changed a lot, at first she didn’t recognise me either. She thought I was a client of her boss. I wished her belated Happy Birthday and said I had something very important to say. She had no clue what I might have in store but she called me in the evening and we decided to meet after a couple of days. She had a very busy schedule so she asked me to come to the Kandivali station and said I could accompany her while she walked back home. I went there, handed over the letter to her and the reaction and the answer was exactly as I had expected.


to be continued…

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  1. Kartik Mistry
    Wow. 2nd part is more interesting :)
  2. Shilpa Lal
    oh god Yash.. you are a damn good writer!! seriously..!!!! A very intresting love story..keep writing..

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