ICICI bill pay is going from bad to worse

by Yash 2 Comments

I have been an ICICI customer since 2003. I have been using their ebill pay facility for many years now and never had any problems but off late I am having so many issues its just too much! The problems started when my registered billers suddenly failed to get paid a few months back. I was surprised when one month my electricity bill came with a warning, I checked and found my LIC premiums weren’t paid and my electricity bill wasn’t paid either. I had no idea what was wrong, so I deleted the biller and added a new one. In the meanwhile I made payment of the LIC premium from LIC’s portal and after a week or so ICICI charged my card again for the premium! So I ended up paying that month’s premium twice and that too with penalties!!

This time around I went in and deleted the scheduled LIC premium since the last premium was paid twice. It went well on the scheduled payment date and today I got a message saying my card was charged for that missed premium with penalty!!! W H A T   T H E   F U C K!

I have removed all my billers from ICICI now and am adding them in Visa bill pay. At least they do not charge my card automatically!

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  1. prakash
    The same happened to me as well. Does Lic refund you the money? What did you do ? Please tell me so that I can do the same followup
  2. Yash
    I don't if LIC refunds, if you pay extra premium you can skip the next premium.

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