EMICalc.net – Equated Monthly Installment Calculator

by Yash 0 Comments

I have launched EMICalc.net, another calculator site after AgeCalc.net (An age calculator). As the name suggest this site has a calculator to calculate your equated monthly installment for a mortgage or loan. There are tons of EMI Calculators out there but this one is bit different in the sense that it also tells you the total interest you will be paying on the principal and the effective flat rate of interest over the tenure of the loan. And it also generates the repayment amortization chart.

I am going to add functionality so you can know the rate of interest from the EMI amount, tenure and principal. So if you aren’t sure what is the rate of interest you are paying on one of your loans, or want to confirm the EMI amount the loan agent has given you against the promised rate of interest then you can know it from EMICalc.net.

Check out EMICalc.net.

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