BugMeNot – bypass compulsory registration

by Yash 0 Comments

How many times you have come across a website wanting to read an article or looking for some information and the site forced you to register before you could access that information? Chances are that you have faced this situation at least once. Although such compulsory registration is free, most of the times it is just a waste of time and too many details to fill in the registration forms. You are never ever going to visit that site again so registering just proves to be a useless exercise.

Say good bye to this problem with BugMeNot. BugMeNot has a database of username/passwords for most of the popular websites contributed by the users. Recently I reached to techtarget.com through a Google search and found that the site required me to log in before I could view the content. Registering would have been a waste of time so I just used a login provided by BugMeNot and accessed the information.

Very handy tool. I have added it to my Janoos homepage. :)