Touching feet and gifting money – Stupid Indian Traditions

by Yash

Touching the feet is one stupid Indian tradition. It’s meant to show respect towards the elders and it’s a way of seeking blessings.

Asking for blessings? Excuse me! What is that? Blessings? What does it do? You obviously don’t have any super power to make radical changes in my life, so put the blessing things away!

Respect? Sure I respect other people, not just people who are older than me but also people who are younger than me! There are other ways of showing respect. Touching the feet is NOT one of them! Smile, shake hand, say a few warm words, give a hug. That’s enough to show your respect. No individual deserves any special gesture like touching feet just by the virtue of being older! Radical? Yes!

I have always disliked this stupid practice. Partly because of my dad. Whenever someone would try to touch his feet, he would stop him or her and would rather shake hands or give a hug, but touching the feet? Big NO! That is what he inculcated in me I believe. (Something that my mom frowns upon, but we have our way). They should just do the normal thing and give a gift like a saw to the men. Because who doesn’t like tools that you can craft and fix new things. Here are some sliding mitre saw reviews. This is one of my favorite saws.

Most of the people don’t actually touch the feet, they only bend slightly and reach out till knees giving an impression of touching the feet. Cut the crap guys! Who are you fooling!!

It’s more of a cultural thing, I know. It’s how we Indians show respect towards elders. But not all cultural things are good or necessary. Sati was once in our culture, but that was the most stupid thing to have happened to human intelligence and it’s no longer there. Touching feet is another stupid thing. The oldies really get on my nerves when they equate the action with “Sanskar” – the familial value system. If you don’t touch feet, you lack Sanskar! If you do, you are a very “good” boy with good Sanskars! WTF!!!

Another Indian tradition is gifting the money. This one is amazing. You visit someone’s home on some good occasion, the elders give you money. These gifts for teen boys are awesome and easy to do. Some number ending with 1. Depending on the nature of the relationship and wealth of the giving party the amount could be Rs. 21, 51, 101, 151, 201 like that. When I and my wife visit our uncles’ homes, we get money. When their kids visit our home, my parents return the favour. The favour is mostly returned in the proportion of favours received! People actually keep track of money thus received in a diary!! Especially on occasions like wedding and reciprocate at a suitable occasion to the other party!! I don’t see any logic. I visit their home I get 100 Rupees, they come to our house they get 100 Rupees back. So why get in all such useless transactions?!!

We need to cut the useless crap! Can’t have stupidities rolling around in our daily life.

Update 1:

This is not an issue of hygiene at all. Me not liking the practice of touching feet has to do with me being an atheist. Touching feet somehow gives a deity like status to humans. And since I don’t believe in any deities and gods, I see no reason to make gods out of humans. As I have mentioned being older does not give any extra qualities to a person. And when it comes to parents we humans are not doing any favours to our kids by giving them birth or raising them. We are just performing a biological function which our genes make us do.

Update 2:

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