Hunting the best deal on iPad 3

by Yash 8 Comments

Finally fell to the dark side and bought an iPad. I wanted to get a tablet for some time and I always wanted a 10 inch one because I primarily wanted it for web browsing. iPad was a clear winner, various Android ones didn’t really cut it and I already have an Android phone so didn’t want Android on tablet again. Microsoft Surface is due in October and don’t know how long it would take to arrive in India.

iPad 2 16 GB Wifi only in India is for 24500 and iPad 3 16 GB Wifi only is 30500. I remember seeing an offer on eBay some months ago for ipad 2 for around 20,000. So I figured I can get ipad 2 for around the same price somewhere on the Internet. Now that we have so many VC backed ecommerce companies I was sure someone will be selling it with a huge discount under some deal. So I began deal hunting.

Started with sites like MySmartPrice, Junglee, Naaptol and PriceDekho. Found selling iPad 3 for 28195. That was the best price, I decided to place an order next day and when I went back it was 29370! Then I got a mail from Indiatimes Shopping with a 10% discount coupon on computer products. That would have given me a discount of 3050 and I would have got my iPad for 27450. I almost bought it, but cancelled at the last payment step because it was black iPad. I was more interested in a white one. White iPad 3 was out of stock on Indiatimes shopping.

Hunt continued and I landed on Homeshop18. They had a discount code of 2000 and also had white in stock. So I could have got it for 28500. I had two options – get iPad 3 black for 27450 or iPad white for 28500. Searching for coupon codes for Homeshop18 I found It has an amazing forum where people come and share coupon codes and deals for various ecommerce sites in India. I found a thread about super deals on homeshop18. It had iPad as one of deal items. The deal would come alive on July 22. Now the catch was that it wasn’t sure what kind of discount it would have. The Indiatimes discount was ending on 21st and Homeshop18 deal was becoming available on 00:01 on 22 July. If it would have a lesser discount then I would miss the Indiatimes deal.

So I waited for 12’o clock. I opened Indiatimes shopping in a one tab a couple minutes before 12, availed of the discount and waited on the payment page. As soon as the date changed I checked the super deals page on Homeshop18 in another tab and found a coupon code, used it and got a discount of 4901! Making the net price 25599! Went ahead and completed the order. Turns out Homeshop18 has such amazing deals every week!

So I got iPad 3 16 Gb WiFi white for Rs. 25,599 from Homeshop18 thanks to

Next time I want to buy anything online DesiDime will be the first place I will check.

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  1. Harsh
    Hi Yash, Congrats for getting iPad3 at an unbelievable price! Let me know, hows the experience. I followed your footsteps but couldn't find THAT deal. Could you pl help me in finding a similar (or better) offer for ipad3 16GB wifi black? Thanks in advance, Harsh
  2. Yash
    The deal was over within minutes and now both the black and white versions are out of stock on HS18. Your best bet right now is where you can get it for 29300 or else keep an eye on and the four price comparison sites I have mentioned - MySmartPrice, Junglee, Naaptol and PriceDekho. No comparison site is comprehensive so keep hunting, you will find a deal within a week or two. HS18 has these super deals every week, sigh up for their newsletter.
  3. Yash
    Actually eBay has it for 29,048 Its deal of the week so it will be gone in a day or two.
  4. Harsh
    Thanks Yash but after seeing others grab it for 25k, for 29k, dil hai ki manta nahi! ;)
  5. Aman
    I just bought it from same place for 25600, though urs is the cheapest, but 1000 diff is not much. thanks for the thread. i hope he product will be genuine and with warranty
  6. Yash
    @Aman even I got it for 25600. 25599 to be precise! And yes its genuine deal. Just be prepared for a long wait 2-3 weeks at least!
  7. aman
    @yash, i got it for 26599, 1,000 expensive. and i got 3901 disount only :( I only applied guest coupon. I didnt had discount coupon
  8. soothasayer
    hey yash congrats for your info! i have been on desidime and let me tell you its one of the worst sites, firstly its all paid advertising and affiliate marketing and if you post genuine deals cheaper than those available they rate you down ..... just few people dominate which just happens to be a staff of desidime. look on mouthshut for peoples reviews!! lol!! nothing against you,just shared my personal opinion.

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