Nexus 5 price comparison in India

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I am mulling getting a new phone and Nexus 5 is at the top of my list. I was just comparing the prices on various price comparison sites and it turns out none of them are perfect. Here’s the price of Nexus 5 16 GB version as per different comparison sites –

Junglee 27928
MySmartPrice 28999
PriceCheckIndia 29007 29900
PriceBaba 29990
FindYogi 29999

Officially Google is selling the phone for 28,999 from the Play Store and MySmartPrice is the only site that includes them on the list. May be others are only including the sites they have affiliated it and so they aren’t including Google but then it defeats the whole purpose of a price comparison engine for a customer.

Junglee even though comes as cheapest where they show the price from iBhejo, they actually list the phone at the price iBhejo has listed that is 30,890 and list the discount separately so you have to do the math yourself.

However when I go to iBhejo I can see that they have a Christmas deal going on where you can get flat 10% off so you can get the phone for 27,801, even lower than what Junglee has listed. So obviously there’s a huge scope of improvement.

The only downside of buying from iBhejo is that the phone will be imported from the US so it will come with a US type charger – not a big deal but the warranty will be of US. If there’s a manufacturing defect within 3 months iBhejo will replace the phone, but if it needs repairs then it will be sent to the US by them and they will get it repaired there. So that is one thing that you have to be mindful of if you decide to save Rs. 1,198 and not buying from Google directly.

I would personally rather buy it from Google and get proper India warranty instead of saving 1200 odd Rupees. Yes unless I was saving a substantial amount say 5000 then may be I would consider taking the risk on warranty. The phone is available for $349 in US (about Rs. 21,650). If I use some hacks to buy Nexus 5 from US Play Store and get it shipped to India it will probably cost me about 26,000 with shipping and custom duties and all, but then again I have to forget about the warranty completely.

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